Friday, May 6, 2011


Since Mother's Day is this weekend I thought I'd send some love to my awesome mom! This isn't the best picture we've ever taken but it is from our wedding and I wanted to share! It is hard to believe that I could let a day go by when I don't thank God for my awesome Mom. She truly is so loving and would do ANYTHING for me! She has perfectly displayed this love nonstop since I was born. Mom was a single mom on a teacher's salary yet I never knew that money wasn't plentiful. She worked multiple after school jobs and summer jobs to make sure my brother Taylor and I had the best. She never missed a special occassion and spent everyday focused on being the best Mom she could be to Taylor and me. I could relay countless things that she has done over the years that showed her love for me but NOTHING could show it better than Chris and my wedding.

My mom bent over backwards to make the wedding more than I could have ever dreamed of! For example...
She printed each of our wedding programs and put them together herself punching holes and tying over 400 bows
She printed labels, scrubbed off original labels, put on new labels, and tyed over 300 bows onto miniature champagne bottles that we gave out as favors
She did the calligraphy on EACH of our wedding invitation envelopes (inner and outer!)
She created the invitations for my bridesmaids luncheon as well as my pedicure party for my bridesmaids
She wrapped (beautifully!) countless gifts for different people throughout the wedding
She scoured ebay to find beautiful silver revere bowls for table decorations
She scoured and purchased beatiful silver tussy mussy's for my bridesmaids bouquets so they would be more than just tied together
That is just a few things and mind you she did EVERY bit of this with a huge smile on her face and no complaints!


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