Tuesday, May 3, 2011


My song for the day...
Tomorrow, tomorrow.... you know the rest.
I need tomorrow to be here, hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. My wonderful husband comes home tomorrow. I'm going to go back to work tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a good day.

I have been sick since Saturday morning. Chris and I both had a stomach virus and he got better and I did not. We're not really sure why that is the case but I haven't been able to keep any food down in days. Words cannot describe how blah I have felt and how little energy I have. The only upside is that I'm a good 6 lbs lighter than I was on Friday. Since we're going to the beach in 2 weeks I'll take it but let me tell you... it was not worth it.

Mind you all of this sickness happened after a slightly rough week last week. Last Tuesday morning I found out our pastors Lester and Janeese Spencer who I love were reappointed to a church in Gulf Breeze, FL. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Janeese has been such a mentor for me and I have learned so much from her and my heart was just broken. She is in charge of the Women's Ministry at St. James and being on Renew Leadership Team I was like "Oh no what are we going to do." I'm much better now. While I am going to miss them terribly I know that we serve a big God and He still has BIG plans for St. James and He still wants Chris and me to be a part of that. So everyone (The Spencers, the congregation, the new minister) are all having to truly live out walking by faith and not by sight because we don't really know what is to come. I think God is trying to teach me a lot of that right now... waiting and living by faith. I am terrified of the unknown but I am having to learn that God is in control and I need to rest in that.

Then, this huge conference we had been planning for work on Shaken Baby Syndrome was Saturday. I was SOOOO excited about it! My co-worker Sara and I had worked so hard getting everything together and set up and details worked out. Well remember when I told you I got sick... SATURDAY MORNING. I went, yall I really tried to be there. I got sick before I went, got sick in the car on the way there and got sick a few times while I was there. Sadly, I got as much done as I could and then I just had to go because I could barely stand anymore. I was so sad and felt horrible about leaving everyone there in charge and I couldn't help.

So like I said, last week was a little rough. But tomorrow is a new day and I can't wait. We have Staff Breakfast at work tomorrow which is always good, I can pretty much guarantee you I won't be able to eat the normal sausage, eggs, breakfast casserole but it will still be nice to see everyone after being holed up here since Friday afternoon. So if I could ask a favor... I'm about to attempt to eat something. PRAY my little weak body can handle it!!

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