Wednesday, October 21, 2015

what's in a name


Years ago I had (and there are parts of me that still do) a dream of opening my own store. I dreamed that this store would be filled with gifts, clothes, jewelry, journals & more made by people in other countries to help them support themselves and thrive. I dreamed of a store that held weekend nights of worship. I dreamed of cozy sitting areas where people could talk and pray. I dreamed of a revolving library where people brought books, took a book, read a book. I was going to name that store Consumed. 

Why Consumed? I had seen this quote... 

I've always been one who struggled with being consumed with things. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want new clothes, nice cars, a pretty home. But I'm continually walking this line where my desire is to be consumed with the creator but my flesh gets in the way. 

My heart desired a place where those created things led and pointed to Jesus. 

So I've renamed my little corner of the Internet Consumed. When you hear consumed most people think of eating or drinking. Or using all of something. One definition of consume is to absorb or engross. We can be consumed with so many wrong things. Ourselves. Our money. Jealousy. Pride. What if we were that consumed with God our creator? What if we found ourselves engrossed in Gods word? I pray that we find ourselves seeking God and being consumed by His love and less consumed by our earthly desires. May this be a place that encourages us all to sit and become more engrossed with our Father, Creator.

Lord help us to love you first. Let us be consumed by your love. 

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