Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mission Day - Great Day of Service

   This last Saturday, our church participated in the Great Day of Service. Methodist churches all over Montgomery spent the morning helping others with all different kinds of things. Some did yard work, some did home maintenance, and so much more. St. James collected bags of food that would feed a family of 4 for 4 days. The members of the church collected over 2 tons of food and we spent Saturday morning distributing them. Our small group and another small group took about 150 bags to Reality and Truth and distributed the bags there. It was so much fun being able to talk to those people and their excitement over the food.
Our bag set up outside Reality and Truth
Two men taking away their bags

Part of our group (including Baby H) near the end of the day!

Each of the bags essentially had the same things but they would have different types of snacks included. Some had Chips Ahoy, some had Oreos, some had Cheese Nips, and there was this one special bag with Nutty Butty Bars in it. There was this lady came up that didn't have one of the pre-distributed tickets but we assumed we'd have extras so we asked her to wait for a little while so that we could give all the bags out to those who already had tickets. Well wait she did! She had her bag hidden near the back so she could get those delicious Nutty Butty bars! What a joy it was to see her face when she got the bag that she wanted so much. It is no different than when we go to the grocery and are so excited to get that special bag of chips and bring them home and open it! Praying they felt some of God's love for them through us and their full bellies!

We took Hutton out and had a great time and of course everyone commented on the beautiful baby boy! I'm not sure he'll remember his first ever mission day but we will and can't wait until the days when we can tell him about it!

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  1. Aw man! You were there and I missed you!? I had to leave almost right after it started for C's soccar game. :)