Friday, April 20, 2012


  Our sweet, wonderful, there aren't enough words to describe them friends the Goodes are moving in about a month. Thinking about it too long brings major tears to my eyes so I'll get to the point. While I am very sad about them moving I'm excited for this new step in their lives. It will definitely be an adventure. Once they move that will be our fifth "couple friends" that will have moved away since we've been together. I have watched each of these situations develop. Some were very much dreaded. I truly had one dragging her feet the whole way to Lousiana. Now that very same friend says that she now feels like that is home instead of here where she grew up. All of their new experiences have me craving some kind of adventure.

Adventure: An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

Okay, I like all those words except for typically hazardous. I'm not really sure how I want to take that. I'm fairly confident that I would rather my adventures not be hazardous. But, I understand how even adventures we don't seem as hazardous very well can be.

Whatever adventures may come our way I do not know. Our adventures may not mean moving to another city, new house, etc. Our adventures may come in different circumstances. Yes, I do understand that we just had a baby and that is quite the adventure. I can't get rid of this feeling though that some type of adventure is headed our way. What will it be? God will reveal that in time. For now, we sit patiently and wait enjoying the peace and calm that fills our life now.

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