Thursday, September 5, 2013


Well hello blog world - it's been quite some time since I ventured in this direction.

Catching the blog world up would be a waste of time (especially since my main readers are my husband and best friend.) So, I thought instead I would catch the blog world up on the rest my sweet family experienced in August.

August was by far one of the craziest months we have ever experienced as a couple. Work was crazy. We both had two large weekend work events in. THE.SAME.WEEKEND. Scary! Did I mention that we no longer live in town with family? Yup- even scarier.

Well once the crazy weekend had passed our family headed down some small town roads to Blue Mountain Beach. Monday thru Saturday. People- can I tell you that I have never needed a time so much in my life.

This was our schedule:


Thank you God for that rest.

Yes the rest was vital. I needed it as I was exhausted from what we had been doing the past few months. I still hadn't recovered from the craziness of moving cities away from all that I knew and was attached to. This time with my little family made for 5 of the best days I have experienced in my 27 years. That may sound extreme but I'm beyond serious. It was the best! Enjoy these pics of our lovely week...


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