Friday, March 1, 2013

Easter Dresses

Since today is March 1st, that means Easter is 30 days away. I love Easter. I'm even more excited about it now that Chris is in full-time ministry. As a child, I looked forward to my basket filled with goodies and the egg hunt with candy. I always had the hopes that I'd receive the golden egg with money inside. As a teenager, I looked forward to the new dresses and the nice gift I would get from my Mom. As an adult I now grasp the concept of Easter and the miracle of Easter and the gift of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday blow me away. (I still look forward to the new dress too!!)

You know what would be an Easter miracle to many villages in Zambia in Africa. Water.
Yes, we spend money on Easter baskets filled with goodies, pictures with Easter bunnies that make our children scream, dresses for that family picture that never turns out as perfect as we envision, and meals to feed our families five times over. We never thought about water. Water just is. We have clean water to drink, clean water to bathe, clean water to wash those new dresses that get messed up by us and/or our kids. So how about this year we do something different. How about this year, we bring that Easter miracle to a village in Zambia.

My friend Jacob started a ministry called Water282 to bring water and the living water to villages in Zambia. Join in on this Easter campaign and help him bring not only clean water to drink but also the story of our Easter Miracle, our living water, our Saviour to this village in Zambia...

Go to Water282's website to say Yes to the dress!


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