Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bring on 2014

I would be lying if I said I wasn't glad 2013 is behind us! It was a hard year filled with adjusting, some health scares, a broken leg for Hutton, and a huge disappointment to round out the year. 

So, 2014, come on! I'm not really setting any resolutions- sure I would love to lose some weight, eat/cook healthier, and be a better wife/mom/Christian/employee/friend/you get the idea. Instead these are just some of our prayers for 2014. 

- Get more settled in Birmingham. Build more relationships. Explore more areas of the city. Possibly buy a home. (Would be the first home I've ever picked out!!) 

- Begin expanding our family. This is not in my timing but after our heartbreaking miscarriage in December we are praying that this year ends with a pregnancy or child in our arms.

- Be better stewards. Of money, time, everything. It's no secret that we both work at "non-profits." I've always been a spender so I'm learning about making our finances go farther. I've sworn I would learn to coupon (not extreme) so I hope this year I stick to it! We both want to be better stewards of our time. Chris is the first to admit that time management isn't his strength so hopefully I can help him with that this year! 

- Love harder. This is one of my main ones. That includes loving God, Chris, Hutton, our families, and everyone we come around. As Christians we should be known by our love- I pray this year I live into that. 

In 2012, I felt God leading us to a year of change. That was the year we had Hutton and picked up our lives and moved! For 2014, I feel like the word settlement is on my heart. Who knows - so come on 2014, we're ready! 

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  1. Hooray for a Fresh Start! Excited to follow you guys on your 2014 Journey!